Monday Morning Energy Boost: Is something draining your energy?

We have been lucky to witness several ‘aha’ moments when women feel quite content with how their career or business is progressing have realised that it would go even better if they’d energise also all other areas of their life. It’s like getting the whole engine well cared for before it can really move fast!

What do we mean by ‘the whole engine’? Your whole combination of body, mind and soul. Sounds new-age but has nothing to do with hippie smelly candles. Think about it like this, if you have areas that store negativity (either physical or emotional) they will act like hand-breaks slowing you down! Sooner you fix them the sooner you can harness all your mental and physical power to move towards a better and more fulfilling life, especially if you are ambitious to build a business or advance in your career!

Here’s five tips to get rid of hand-breaks and release all your energy to more productive use:

1) Fix family relationships

If you are not talking to your husband and hardly ever see your kids you must have a little nagging feeling inside that consumes your energy. On the other hand, when all close relationships flourish it is much easier to focus on work and get much more done in shorter time when you don’t have to worry about your relationships.

Like with anything in life, it is your responsibility to fix those close relationships and create the best possible environment within the resources and circumstances currently available. Why postpone the uncomfortable discussions you know you should have had a long ago?

2) Develop positive attitude

You might think some people are just born positive and there is nothing you can do about that grim look on your face! You couldn’t be more wrong. Positive attitude, like anything else in life, can be learned.

When I was in my 20’s I was quite proud of my critical and sometimes negative attitude. I thought that was how cool people behaved. I thought people with constant smile on their faces where simply stupid.

We are not after a silly grin, but a ‘can do, let’s look at the opportunities and solutions’ type of positive attitude. In my late 20’s I was lucky to work for a wonderful boss who was always positive no matter what the situation. Slowly I was able to see that positiveness is not a trait you are born with, it is something you can develop over time so I adopted a new attitude in life.

There simply is no excuse to feel negative all the time. If that’s how you feel do something about it to change it.

3) Evaluate what you eat

If you feel constantly tired and have to stimulate yourself with coffee or sugar to get through the lows during the day you should have an honest look at what you eat.

I have personally seen how my energy levels have been sky rocketed by the alkaline diet (I left out gluten, sugar, dairy and E-numbers and only later learned it is called alkaline diet – however, it strictly leaves out meat as well, which I’ve kept in).

If that sounds too strict try to start by leaving out white wheat and white refined sugar! A diet based on white wheat and sugar cause inflammation in your body and reduces your immune system.

And to feed your brain you should eat a lot of good fats (brain is made of 60% fat!!) such as nuts and seed, avocado and fatty fish.

We really are what we eat and eating badly is only an excuse to feel sluggish!

Don’t forget, liking healthy foods is a choice.

4) Take care of your fitness

I think where many women go wrong is to think of ‘fitness’ = loosing weight. Most fitness sites are full of images of ‘perfect bodies’ endlessly toning in glamorous gyms. For me being fit has nothing to do with that scenario and everything to do with feeling energised every day.

I try to spend as little time on exercising as possible so running and little bit of yoga or stretching is perfect. I don’t measure the results in kg’s or lb’s lost, but by how I feel and how well my ‘engine’ is working for me.

If you feel great about yourself every day you get this feeling that you can achieve anything!

5) De-clutter your environment

It is surprising how much positive energy is drained by messy environment or people. Unfinished jobs at your desk, the endless racks of 10 year old clothes that you never wear hanging in your wardrobe and the piles of home admin and invoices that you should have cleared long ago all slow you down because they take space in your unconscious mind.

However, it is easy to push things back because these or other daily circumstances are not in perfect shape! The purpose of this post is not to give you excuses not to do what should be done, but to make you aware of the areas that might be draining your energy.

Many busy women pay top dollar to attend business courses and improve their knowledge in their field but neglect what matters most: the engine that is you.

~ Miisa

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Monday, September 30th, 2013

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