How to create a world that you believe in

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Many of us are used to looking at the world as if we were outsiders, as if things are simply happening to us. We may think we’ve arrived here with no power to influence things and feel powerless. There are many things we can’t change that are outside of our control but there are a great number of areas that are directly under our influence, if we accept responsibility.

Now that the whole world has been thrown into chaos, new opportunities are opening up on a daily basis. This is the moment to stop being a passive passenger and take a more active role in creating the world we want to live in. Every daily action, every mundane choice we make from grocery shopping to how we talk to people around us makes us key players in creating a better world for everyone.

It’s time to take an active role in designing the world that will emerge next.

When we become aware of the power we have as members of a larger whole we can change things rapidly.

However, not everyone is excited about taking such an active step, a step that feels like a real responsibility. What makes this challenging is you can’t be cynical about things. Cynicism takes you out of the equation and releases you from obligation to play your part. If you are cynical about your ability to make a change then you don’t have to take responsibility for the change and you see everyone else being at fault.

Surely the world is not an ideal place. But it may never become a dream land that’s exactly what you want it to be, and we all have different dreams.

When you accept responsibility in improving your circumstances, everyone benefits.

This requires us to change our mindset from controlling to trusting. In the old system we want to know the end outcome before we take action. What are the results of my efforts? What do I get out of this? This is very linear thinking. It is a mindset where we want to know what the world can do for me.

We are on a cusp of a new paradigm. The way we will interact with the world requires us to build a different kind of relationship with each other based on trust. We need to learn to trust that there’s going to be enough for everyone and be more concerned about the well being of the many than of the individual. Shifting to this mindset requires you to trust that everyone else will do the same, and that’s is the hard part. This shift will be a challenge for the cynics amongst us!

Trust goes hand in hand with taking responsibility.

At DrivenWoman we expect members to take responsibility for co-creating a community we all love and want to be part of. We believe we are all connected and find more similarities than differences in one another. Appreciation starts from a belief that everyone has something unique to bring to the table. We appreciate our own talents and don’t shy away from sharing them with the world. We reach out for help and know that asking is not a sign of weakness, but a strength. We support each other unconditionally and believe that when we learn to flourish our sisters will flourish with us.

To build the world you believe in requires courage. It asks us to connect with our values and our inner drive on a daily basis. We must stand behind what we believe in and protect what we want the world to be, then we can live our purpose and feel connected to our truth.

It is time we start taking these small steps. This means difficult conversations with our close ones. We may want to challenge persisting habits such as how our company or school or family consumes wastefully or how we don’t treat each other with humility and kindness.

How do you describe the world you believe in?

What are the values you want to protect and stand by from now on?

Think about the world you want to be part of in the future. This can be your local community, the company you work with, or your family unit, or the world as a whole.

What are the small steps you can take to make a difference? What can you do now to start living in that world today?

Let’s not wait for the perfect circumstances to appear. Let’s stop waiting for our politicians to fix things. Let’s stop relying on external sources for our wellbeing. When we start believing in a different world we can enter it today by changing ourselves and taking responsibility.

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Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

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