How To Create A Vision Board To Accelerate Success And Personal Growth

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Learn how to create a vision board and start manifesting your goals and dreams for the New Year.

I’ve been doing it for over 15 years now. Every year I’m getting better at it and I have noticed how much impact it has on my direction and in accelerating my growth as a woman and as an entrepreneur. Giving my dreams a visual form helps me create the awesome life I really want.

Building a vision board is a great way to manifest the kind of life you want and to define what is really important for you. And it’s not just about dreaming big, the idea of the vision board is that it actually starts shaping our actions.

Some years ago I chose a powerful statement on my board (see above), I placed a TED talk prominently in the middle. (Isn’t it scary to announce these bold dreams?!)

I always stick the board on the wall in front of my desk in the office. After looking at my new board for a couple of days in the early days of January I started thinking to myself: “Well Miisa, you’ve put this TED thing here. I know you said it will be a vision for kinda 10 years from now, but how about starting some small steps today?”

Putting something on your vision board isn’t just some fancy decoration, it’s there to inspire action.

My action was to sign up to a public speaking course, and I came up with an idea for a big DrivenWoman seminar, Festival Of Doers. Yes, I will also be speaking there!

When I created that board, in my mind my TED talk was going be in 10 years. There’s no need to take too much pressure from your own dreams. But after less than one year of practising and getting used to my dream I launched Festival Of Doers. Soon I will be ready for even bigger arenas!

All thanks to my vision board.

Here’s some practical tips so you can create your own vision board to inspire action.

How to create a vision board to accelerate success and manifest your goals:

1) Collect a pile of different types of magazines: women’s mags, sailing, food, travel, tech, gossip, business etc. (I always ask my hairdresser to keep some old ones for me.)

2) Get a roll of drawing paper (IKEA has them) or a large card board, scissors and a glue stick.

3) Invite 5 of your best friends over for an evening.

4) Leaf through one magazine at a time and rip out pages that appeal to you. Don’t be too analytical. Let your soul do the work!

5) Once you have a good pile of images and text (you can also put sentences on your board) cut them neatly with scissors.

6) Cut a long piece of paper out of your roll (or use a large piece of card board) and glue your images on the board. You can be as artistic as you like.

7) Choose three key words for your board. Those will be your core themes for the year ahead.

8) Present your board to your friends and explain what you have chosen and why.

9) Commit to 5 small action points you can take immediately (the next day, following week) to manifest your commitment to your dreams.

10) Have fun with your vision and with your life!

And that’s the power of our January exercise, it really boosts you up going into the New Year.

No more procrastination.
No more empty New Year’s resolutions…

~ Miisa

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Saturday, November 26th, 2016

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