We are already way into January, which is astonishing, and time seems to be racing by. We almost have to find time to stand still to allow time to catch up with us rather than us continuously trying to catch up with it. Something DrivenWoman has so diligently taught me since I founded the company with Miisa in 2013. The ability to know who you are, what you want, when to let go and to focus within and listen to your own voice.

In the beginning my path was to move away from my current profession, the field of sports, and create a new path using all my experiences, my knowledge and my talents – my DNA of life! But during this time in developing DrivenWoman and listening to all the wonderful women who became our members and working on the exercises myself what I really wanted changed.

I decided to do a complete u-turn and my passion reversed on itself as I developed my own true voice. I understood that where I am currently is where I need to be and that I should trust my qualities and I knew I was bloody good at what I did. And that I could also make changes in my environment so I’d be happier there.


DrivenWoman ethos helped me to develop my passion and my voice.

That does make me smile. Now I know I want the very thing I thought I least wanted three years ago. And because of this incredible change of direction in my life, letting go is one of the hardest things to understand and to do.

As emotions usually cloud logic and feelings make it harder to concentrate. It seems almost impossible to step out. But I have taken the leap of faith and decided to step back from DrivenWoman and let Miisa and our new exciting Group Leaders take DrivenWoman to the next level.

I have taken a full view of everything and stood back so time can catch up with me.

I’ve looked at what is precious and what and who need my full attention right now. That is my girls who are going to be 15 and 11 this years which means GCSE’s and 11+ in the next 2years. It will be so crucial for them and I want to be fully committed to their growth, it’s my top priority. And with work commitments it would be unfair to have too many ‘asks’ in my life. Another great lesson taught in DrivenWoman.

And my commitment to myself doesn’t stop at my professional career. I’m finally ready to fully embrace my relationship. I’ve fight to be independent, but to allow my partner to take care of me can be ok. I now see it as a compliment, not a weakness in myself. And I’m ready to fully commit to him.

Be courageous to look into yourself and be true to yourself. Sometimes you are running away from the very thing you love just because your circumstances aren’t ideal. Step up. Take your place. Trust your passion. Love who you are and embrace it.

I’m an athlete, and the world of sports is truly my world.

I have had to take some difficult steps to re-discover myself in this environment I so much love, but now I’m ready to fully embrace it.

I’m ready to be me again.

My decision was not a light one and I have not gone away, I’ve just stepped aside. My journey has been invaluable and the changes in me I owe all to DrivenWoman.

Love you always,



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Sunday, January 24th, 2016

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