Brené Brown’s New Netflix Series Will Help You Live Authentically And Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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We have great news for you! Brené Brown has just been awarded her own Netflix special, Call To Courage. The author of Daring Greatly joins the likes of Tony Robbins who have had a film with the streaming giant. The hour-long special will be released on the 19th of April and we can’t wait to see it.

This is why.

Brené Brown has been one of the most influential role models for us as we’ve built the DrivenWoman concept and community. As you know, this is an accountability club for ambitious women who want to make their dreams and goals a reality, and one of the founding principles is that in order to live authentically you have to live courageously. To stand in your power is to live by your values, and that’s not always easy.

We must step outside our comfort zone in order to create what we want for ourselves.

This is hard, especially for many women, because we have been conditioned to serve others and put our own needs last. We’ve also been told not to trust our intuition and ideas and thus not live authentically.

Everything Brené Brown teaches serves the path we are on here at DrivenWoman and our online program Doers Academy. We fully accept our need to become vulnerable in order to grow. As long as we strive for perfection we won’t accept that we need to learn new things. We are ashamed of exposing our imperfections and the struggle we have to go through when we try something new. If we hold onto perfection we can never move forward. Women suffer tremendously from this. We call it the ‘perfect trap’.

Last week I ran a ‘Create Structure For Success’ 5-Day Challenge in our free Facebook group Doers Tribe. Every day we showed up together to practise mindset habits so that we could show up fully to our goals and our dreams. Women often cancel at the last minute or come up with excuses such as ‘I’m too busy’ so that we don’t have to show vulnerability. Being busy is our armour preventing us from perceived hurt that may follow if we allow ourselves to fully love our life, our work and the people around us.

The only way forward is through vulnerability and accepting that to live fully you have to risk failure, hurt and imperfection.

The participants on last weeks challenge showed amazing courage as they stepped into the unknown and started doing the things they had always wanted to do but had been putting off because it might not go perfectly.

  • Lisa finally signed the contract on her art studio
  • Vicky showed up by expressing an interest in a job
  • Jennie found a solution for her new business idea (she was stuck)
  • Mojca started her regular online video streaming
  • Femke asked for assistance from a coach and got started right away
  • Caroline joined the local chamber of commerce and registered a domain name
  • Fiona accepted entrance into a business accelerator programme
  • Nevo met up with a potential collaboration partner
  • Katja stepped outside of her comfort zone and made her first live video
  • Alex talked about her business idea for a social enterprise to help her feel like the idea is ‘real’

These are just some results we got last week, and show that everyday changes can be made very quickly when we start showing up to our own life and living with courage. It’s not some massive personal risk we have to take, courage is not about mortgaging your house and risking it all for your business idea. It’s about taking small steps and showing up to things that make you excited about life and what you believe in.

Women need other women to step outside the comfort zone and keep showing up.

The reason so many women showed up and took those first steps to freedom was because we all showed up – together! We need the community around us, we are so much stronger together. And when we see other women taking personal risks and winning, we celebrate and this gives us courage to move forward too.

Brené Brown has done an amazing job researching shame and how it holds us back in our everyday lives. It stops us living our ‘bigger life’ (whatever way you define it). It stops us loving fully and doing the work we want to do. Shame puts as on a parallel universe, a different journey. The life we were meant to be living is somewhere else as every day we choose to hold onto a struggle that isn’t even ours. All we have to do is to dare a little more.

She talks about the difference between ‘fitting in’ and ‘belonging’:

“Fitting in is about becoming who you need to be in order to be accepted. Belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are, it requires us to BE who we are.”

When we feel deep belonging we know we have found our own authentic path, we are not traveling a million miles an hour in the parallel universe where we constantly fight to ‘fit in’. And when we try to fit in, we keep serving others and neglecting our own dreams. That’s why we never have time for them.

This is our passion. This is why we are here.

Our mission is to offer women a safe space to be supported, not judged.

We created a structure (we need that so we don’t give up!) where we keep showing up without fear of being judged or punished for who we are. We so desperately need that space so that we can align our lives with our feminine selves, together. We have power in our community, in our sisters.

We can’t wait to see the Brené Brown special on Netflix and we will make more noise about it when it airs. Meanwhile, if you haven’t watched it yet, we strongly recommend you take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and watch her TED talk on vulnerability which has been watched by over 38 million people around the world. And then, start taking small courageous steps every day to live the life you truly want.

DrivenWoman is an accountability club for women. You can join our in-person groups in major cities across Europe, or our online membership Doers Academy (door are now open!); and Doers Tribe is our FREE community for all women ‘doers’ who are ready to take courageous steps to create their ‘bigger life’.

DrivenWoman is an empowerment program for ambitious women who want to achieve their dreams and goals fast.

Join our free community the Doers Tribe.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

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