Sponsored Memberships

sponsored memberships

What could have a greater impact on the world than sponsoring women’s development. When women find their voice and start believing in their own ideas the world will change. Our mission is to make personal development accessible for all women, regardless of their background. We have developed the LifeWorking™ method to help women take action on their goals and build self belief. 

When women become strong within themselves they will put forward new ideas and their voices will be heard, globally. We can create lasting change when we help women build their inner confidence.

Leonie Troxler

DrivenWoman Co-founder, Head of Sponsored Memberships

DrivenWoman Sponsorship Goals

Support women who are:
1) unable to afford a DrivenWoman membership;
2) socially unable to access the DrivenWoman network;
3) culturally discouraged to reach for personal development and success.

Our mission is to help as many women as possible to gain self confidence

The purpose of the DrivenWoman Sponsored Membership program is to empower women globally by giving them access to our personal development platform and supportive network. The program will accelerate the impact and reach that DrivenWoman has by making it accessible to women, despite their means, culture, education level or professional background.

This enables us to invite women to participate in the DrivenWoman LifeWorking™ method, empowering them to reach for their dreams and to believe in themselves. DrivenWoman has been teaching women around the globe how to uncover their authentic potential and overcome overwhelm and self-confidence issues since 2013.

Your support makes an impact that can be measured

Even in developed countries not every woman can afford personal development or the DrivenWoman annual Membership. Sponsorship allows you to have an immediate and powerful impact on each and every woman that your generosity supports. You will help women – regardless of their background – to take accountable steps, build confidence and work towards their goals in a safe and structured environment.

As a sponsor you can either support someone individually or multiple women simultaneously. You can see the outcome of your support through impact reporting. We partner with Whatimpact to match your sponsorship with an appropriate charity who will select the women to the program. Whatimpact will provide impact reporting as part of their service. We can also work with a charity of your choice. Larger sponsors access a tailored dashboard where you can monitor how women you sponsor use the DrivenWoman service.

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Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Sponsoring women’s personal growth through DrivenWoman is a great way of contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. DrivenWoman’s work contributes directly to Goal no 5: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Woman and Girls.

We belive helping women and girls build confidence is the missing link in achieving this goal and are very proud that we have created a scalable method that has the potential to impact millions.

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Your contribution matters

You can sponsor a woman $25 per person per month, or pay the Annual Membership $225 per person. If you want to sponsor 100 women or more we will discuss how this will be set up with you.

Sponsorship is open to all supporters of women’s development. We are delighted with your interest. If you would like to sign up or find out more, please contact Leonie Troxler, Head of the DrivenWoman Sponsored Memberhip Program – leonie (at ) driven-woman.com